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how to quickly seduce a man

How to seduce men is something women have been learning for centuries. The art of seduction can get a man to do anything you want them to do. Learning how to seduce men is something all women want to learn. Are you finally ready to learn how to seduce men?The first thing you must do is act flirty.

Guys may love going out to bars, sporting events, etc... but when a girl comes into a picture all that can change especially if the girl is flirty. What do I mean by flirty? Well the next time you and him are sitting alone start rubbing on his thigh, I bet you he will think you're the best thing that has ever happened to him and want you so bad. Don't let him have you right away!

Next, be spontaneous.

Don't wear the same clothes and do the same thing week after week. Do not be predictable. Be spontaneous and full of surprises. For example, surprise your guy with new lingerie and a candlelight dinner. Anything out of the ordinary will seduce him VERY well!

Make yourself feel HOT.

Act like you are HOT. Guys like girls with confidence. If you act like your hot, the guy will totally enjoy it. Guys don't like women that constantly put themselves down all the time. If you act hot and you're HOT it is a surefire way to seduce that guy.

Be in control

Tell him where you are going to eat for the night or even what you are going to do for the night. Guys like women who take charge most of the time. You don't have to be in control 24/7, but on a once in a while basis it will help seduce him in no time at all.

Be Playful

Let go of yourself sometimes. Be playful! Play fight with your guy, poke him in the chest, arm, leg, etc...be flirtatious. Being flirtatious is a deadly weapon all women carry but don't use properly. By being flirtatious you will also show the guy your true feelings for them. Guys loveit when a girl can be flirty but make them wait for sex. Do not give in and let the guy have sex with you right away. Make them wait, for a long time, you will have the guy going crazy for a while.

If the guy really and truly likes you it should not be a problem having them wait to have sex. Giving it up on the first few dates is a big no no! A woman that does this will lose the guy and the guy will just turn it into a one night stand and never call you again. This isn't always the case, but 90% of the time it is completely true. Guys like it when women play hard to get, it is also a surefire way to seduce that man quickly. I wish you the best of luck in seducing the guy of your dreams!

how to quickly kill a man

This is an article I’ve debated writing for a while but decided to move forward with due to the pervasiveness of misinformation regarding non-competitive martial arts and their application in real-world situations. The rise in popularity of mixed martial arts competition has done a great deal to dispel the myths of what works and what doesn’t in a real fight, but there still exists a lack of concrete information regarding lethal techniques. Incorrect ideas regarding deadly martial arts techniques have been largely spread by action movies and drunken shit talking, perpetuated by the impracticality of practicing deadly techniques on a live opponent. Most evidence regarding the effectiveness of deadly martial arts techniques is anecdotal, with exception to combat systems such as Krav Maga which do have some limited real life references from trial of techniques during military encounters.

Deadly Technique Myths Busted

Neck Snap:

A manual twisting of the neck, often depicted as a quick jerk which causes an audible snap and instantaneous death. It is certainly possible for a sharp twist of the neck to cause a catastrophic fracture of the cervical vertebrae leading to paralysis and death, but realistically this technique would require extreme strength and a strong active knowledge of grappling fundamentals. This technique would be very difficult to execute effectively against a conscious, competent opponent. The weakness of the neck is notoriously exaggerated in action movies. It would take a tremendous amount of force, speed, and technique to fully shatter the protective vertebrae and sever the spinal cord in one fluid motion.
Palm-Heel strike at an upwards angle sending the “nose bone” into the brain:

Every year there are millions of strikes landed from every perceivable angle on the noses of willing participants in competitive martial arts such as boxing. While the injuries can certainly be severe, I am not familiar with any instance of a death resulting specifically from a nasal fracture puncturing the cranial cavity. Any powerful blow to the head can be fatal, although rare. This myth demonstrates a basic lack of knowledge regarding human anatomy. As you can see here, there really isn’t a “nose bone” to go into the brain:
This is a big one and the subject of frequent misconception. Strangulation is indeed a fatal technique but often inaccurately depicted in film causing death in less than 10 seconds. There is also a great deal of confusion regarding the difference between a blood choke and an airway choke.
blood choke is a manual obstruction of blood flow to the brain caused by compressing the arteries and veins of the neck. When applied effectively unconsciousness occurs within 5–14 seconds. If held longer, irreversible brain damage and death can occur within minutes. Common examples are the rear naked choke and triangle choke. The various choke techniques are all lethal when there exists no option “tap out” as commonly seen in combat sports.
An airway choke is a manual compression of the airway leading to asphyxia and death by general hypoxia. Common examples of this choke include neck throttling, commonly known as a “rape choke”. This can indeed be a fatal technique but death takes an average of 4 minutes.
Effective manual strangulation requires a great deal of disparity of strength and/or technique between the assailant and the victim.

The truth is, in order to effectively kill an opponent you must first render them unconscious. Strong fundamentals in traditional combat sports such as boxing, wrestling, muay thai, and jiu-jitsu are the key to victory in a mortal confrontation. There is no magic bullet, the fighter with greater technique, speed, power, and athleticism will almost always come out on top.
The real knowledge lies in something that wrestlers and judo practitioners have known for ages. The hard ground beneath your feet is actually the most abundant and devastating weapon. The most effective and efficient way to kill a man with your bare hands is by firmly grasping the skull of an unconscious opponent, and slamming the back of their head into hard ground multiple times. Several forceful slams will likely result in catastrophic brain damage and immediate death.
The most efficient lethal victory would look something like this:
  • The victor lands a powerful snapping punch to the tip of their opponents chin rendering them unconscious.
  • The victor mounts their opponent’s chest, firmly grasps the skull, and delivers 2-3 powerful slams of their opponents head on to hard ground.
    • If the confrontation is taking place on soft ground such as grass, the most effective method would be to simply apply a blood choke on an unconscious opponent for 2-3 minutes.

how to quickly get over a man

When romantic relationships end, it can often be difficult to move on past the loss and pain. Broken relationships obviously influence your emotions, but your daily routine is also negatively affected. Activities you used to do together no longer feel the same when you do them alone. You might feel as if your whole life has been uprooted. Time will often help to mend the heart, but if you find yourself in a situation where you need to get over a man quickly, you can take several steps to speed up the healing process.


    • 1
      Sit with your feelings. One of the first steps to take when you're in the middle of a breakup is to accept the fact that different feelings will arise. Some days you might feel anger, while other times you'll experience sadness, confusion and frustration. Don't try to push these feelings out of the way or distract yourself with alcohol or drugs. Allow yourself some time alone to acknowledge these emotions.
    • 2
      Ask others to listen. Though the healing process is definitely a personal one, sharing your experience with others is a great way for you to move on quickly. Ask a good friend over for coffee and don't be afraid to let loose with your feelings. Be honest about your anger and pain. If someone else knows what you are going through, you're less likely to feel alone in the world.
    • 3
      Stick to your routine. When you're in a relationship, many of your daily activities become tied to your husband or boyfriend. Even mundane activities like grocery shopping or folding laundry can seem empty with your man gone. You may not want to go to work or call your family. However, it's important for you to stick to your routine and try to live as much of a normal life as possible. Having structure and stability will give you a sense of comfort that is crucial for healing.
    • 4
      Find something new. Though a breakup is certainly an end to one chapter of your life, it is also the beginning of an entirely new phase. Celebrate this by taking up a hobby that challenges you. Sign up for an art class, take piano lessons or try swing dancing. Not only will you experience something fresh and interesting, but you'll also meet other people and perhaps cultivate a new friendship.

Monday, June 10, 2013

how to quickly arouse a man

If you really want to learn how to arouse your man, then you need to stimulate both his body AND his mind. You'll be glad to know that doing this is not just a case of being overtly sexual. I'm going to show you some really subtle, fun and easy things you can do to turn him on and arouse him both mentally and physically.

A much better way is to subtly hint at what you're thinking or what you're planning for later. These examples will give you an idea of exactly what I mean:
1. Talking Dirty -
 Many people come to me wanting to learn how to talk dirty. They usually think that the best type of dirty talk is using the most outrageous, over-sexualized, nasty lines. This is not really a great idea. Yes, it can be great when you are in bed with your man to be really 'out there', but using this kind of over-the-top dirty talk won't get you very far elsewhere.
  • Seeing you in that shirt is making me wish all these other people weren't here. Giving him a cheeky smile when you say it is going to make it far more powerful!
  • Can't wait to see you later...I'm going to do something I think you'll like (perfect for an SMS text message)
  • If we were alone right now, we'd be having a lot more fun!
Notice how they don't seem overtly sexualized or wild? The purpose of these subtle dirty lines isnot to turn him on for just a few minutes. The purpose is to keep him thinking about you and keep him aroused for hours and hours, where he is trying to figure out what you mean and what surprises you may have in store for him.
2. How You Move - One of the easiest ways to arouse your guy is to make a few simple changes to your body language and how you move. The easiest thing that you can do with your body language is simply changing how you move. Slowing your movements down when you are talking to your man is the simplest and easiest way to change things up.
Another way is by accentuating your movements, so that your man can clearly see all of your best assets. There are a few things that can help you to accentuate your movements like wearing heels and wearing clothes that show off all your best bits. A great way to get lots of ideas for this is by checking out the lovemaking positions section of the Bad Girl's Bible as it has over 100 different positions (with professional photographs). 
3. Don't Forget To Touch - This is something that I can't emphasize enough. If you want to arouse your man, you need to touch him! Yes, guys certainly do get aroused by what they see, but if you want to take it to the next level, then you absolutely must touch him!
When I say 'touch him to arouse him', people often get confused. They think that they need to only touch him only on his most intimate errogenous zones. The funny thing is that even touching your man on his arms, back, hands and neck is very powerful when trying to arouse him.
Don't just touch him for a quick second and then shy away, make each touch last at least a few seconds. This does 2 things: it arouses him and it also lets him know how you feel about him.
4. Sexual Tension Is The Key - There is a massive difference between being sexual with your man and building sexual tension with your man. If I was to give you only one choice of how to act around your man, I hope that you would choose building sexual tension every time.
It's incredibly effective at slowly arousing your man while also keeping him turned on and constantly thinking about you. Being overtly sexual with your man is not nearly as effective. Being overly sexual may turn him on in the moment, but it's not going to keep him thinking about you.
5. Quick Ways To Arouse Him - Now that I have gone through 4 of the key tactics to keep in mind when learning how to arouse your man, I want to give you some very specific things that you can do to your man to arouse him:
  • The next time you are sitting together in a restaurant or even at an concert/event or on the couch, try resting your hand on your man's leg. Just do it and don't say a word. It's a great way to passively arouse him and turn him on.
  • Send your man text messages that build sexual tension hours before you see him like:'Would you prefer me to wear a skirt or jeans tonight?' or 'I want to try something new I learned tonight! I think you're going to like it!'
  • Random Intimate Acts. Once every 2 weeks or so, try doing something intimate for your man when he's not expecting it, like giving kissing him, sneaking into the shower with him or giving him a massage.

how to raise your boy to be a man

Few things are as strong as a mother’s love for her child. But when it comes to boys, little will rival the connection he shares with his mama. The intricate nature of a mother’s love for her son has been covered by everyone from Maya Angelou to Sigmund Freud  and when passed through the lens of class and race in America, that relationship takes on entirely new dimensions. Black men that get caught up in the system of imprisonment and frequent unemployment start off as someone’s baby.
Regardless of whether men grow up in a single parent household or not, moms typically lead child rearing efforts. Much of that time is spent sheltering your boy, protecting his knees and elbows from boo-boos, answering to his call and making him happy. And rightly so. He’s your baby and deserves your love. The problem is that often, the way in which we raise our boys doesn’t always match up with what we and the rest of society expect of them as men.
The term “mama’s boy” probably comes to mind. Clearly a man should have a cherished place in his heart for his mama but that shouldn’t interfere with his ability to have an adult relationship with another woman or be a productive member of society and his community. Even as you spend your last dime to give that perfect little angel love and attention as only a mother can, it’s important to keep your eyes on the end goal: raising a good man.
Kids grow up fast but not over night. There will be plenty of time for your little man to be your baby but along the way, help him be the kind of man any mother can be proud of.
Make him “earn” his keep.
Let’s face it, you’re probably going to do most of the heavy housework but you’re not doing your boy any favors in the long run by leaving him completely out of it. Even something as simple as holding the dustpan works to include younger boys and as he gets older, take your pick of “man” chores he can be responsible for.  Not only is tandem housework great bonding time but it reinforces your child’s ideas about partnership in the home and working for his living.
Make him responsible
You have to have your act together when you’re responsible for another life form, even if it has four legs or a set of fins. Dog-walking is especially useful in man training since a dog must be lead by a strong and authoritative figure allowing your boys inner-man to rise to the occasion out of necessity.

Practice saving
No one prefers a broke brother. The road to long-term wealth and financial health is paved with the ideas he is forming about the value of a dollar right now. It’s surprising how much cash children get from friends, family and sometimes perfect strangers, only to blow it all on candy and chips at the corner bodega. It may be too early to be thinking about his retirement but not saving a lil’ something for a rainy day. Short-term savings goals are effective and fun. If he want’s an Xbox kinect, hold out until he can hold on to half the cost then you can put in the other half.

Gentleman in training
If chivalry is dead, it’s because no one is training our boys to be gentleman. Holding a door open, letting a lady go in ahead of you or giving up a seat in our gender-equal society may no longer be necessary but your kid doesn’t know that. If you’ve ever wished a man displayed a bit of chivalry for you, what you really wished is that his mom taught him how to treat a lady from the get.

No Man’s an Island
He’s the center of your world. But in the real world, he’ll need to know that it’s not all about him. In order to be successful in school and life, he’ll need to be a team player, work with people who are from a world of places and check his ego at the door.  Team-centric activities like sports and enrichment activities like volunteering and after school activities like working on the school paper are great ways to build people skills.

Stick to your guns
Nothing inspires young black men more than strong black women. That may seem like a tall order at times but a very simple way to show your boy how to be a man of integrity is to exhibit those qualities yourself. Manywomen have a hard time telling their babies something they don’t want to hear (like no)  but that’s all part of being a man. Moreover, by not sticking to your word, you show him that he doesn’t need to either.
Say what you mean and mean what you say. He may not like it, but he’ll respect your word. And grow into a man that expects others to respect and trust his.

how to raise your boy to become a good man

Editor's note: The following is a report on the practical applications ofDannah Gresh's new book, Six Ways to Keep the “Good” in Your Boy: Guiding Your Son from His Tweens to His Teens (Harvest House Publishers, 2012).
While our society often presents unhealthy male role models and celebrates “bad boys,” God’s goal for your son remains the same as it is for every boy He has made: growing up to become a person who reflects God’s own good character.
The best time to lay the foundation of moral goodness in your son’s life is during the tween years, when he is between the ages of 8 and 12. Here’s what you can do to help your son become a good boy who is likely to grow into a good man:
Focus more on God’s promises than the world’s threats. Although the world threatens to influence your son to become a lazy slacker, God promises to help your son become a leader. While the world threatens to pressure your son into becoming a playboy, God promises to shape your son into a gentleman who honors and values women. Although the world threatens to distract your child through things that don’t have eternal value, God promises to show your son His purposes for his life and empower him to fulfill those purposes.
Connect with your son by spending lots of time together. Your son will be motivated to listen to your moral guidance if you develop a strong bond with him by intentionally spending time together talking and doing fun activities that he enjoys. Keep in mind that the concept of “quality time” is a myth; kids need their parents to spend lots of quantity time with them to experience good-quality relationships. Make it a high priority to spend time with your son and sacrifice lesser pursuits so you can be available to him. Try to eat dinner together as a family often, too, such many good conversations happen during meals. While you spend time with your son, study him to get to know the his unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses so you can communicate God’s values to him in the ways that he will respond to best.
Explain the reasons behind your family’s rules. It will be much easier for your son to follow your family’s rules if he understands why you set them than if he doesn’t know why those rules are important. When communicating a rule to him (or reminding him of one), explain why following that rule will be beneficial to him.
Direct your son’s natural aggressive tendencies and need to take risks toward a positive goal. Realize that it’s normal for your son to experience feelings of aggression and risk-taking urges. But rather than allow your son to express those tendencies in negative ways (which can lead to many problems, such as violence), encourage your son to direct those tendencies toward discovering and fulfilling his life’s mission. Introduce your son to good men whom you respect and admire, and help him learn through relationships with them how to passionately fulfill God’s purposes.
Get your son outside for unstructured play when possible. When your son enjoys free time to play outdoors, he is able to develop a skill called self-regulation that’s a crucial part of developing the self-control to make good moral choices. Freeing up time in your son’s schedule regularly just to play outside with some friends gives him the opportunities he needs to learn how to regulate himself and make wise decisions about what to do and what not to do. Plus, it gives him time spent in nature and time for adventures, both of which are important to his health. When your son plays inside, don’t have him rely on toys to define his playtime. Instead, give him things to play with that encourage him to use his imagination, such as art and writing supplies and building materials.

how to raise your son to be a man

When deciding how to raise your son to be a man , you have to look at the qualities you want to instill in them. These qualities that you want to raise them with are ones that will follow them through their lives and will hopefully be qualities that they will want to pass on to their children.
The first thing you have to do is teach them the basics about manners, respect, and morals. These help to create a man that will show respect to others, will make decisions based on right and wrong, and develop a sense of what things should be worth fighting for. Manners, respect, and morals will follow them throughout their lives in relationships and professional aspects. Teaching them these things at a young age, will help them to develop better as they are going through school,in dealing with different pressures, and balancing relationships with friends and peers.
While they are growing up , it is important to teach them about compassion and love. When they learn to value people around them and respect the differences they see, they learn to be a little more tolerant and understanding. They will see the world in a different light and want to be the best in changing it. They will question the things that they see wrong and feel is wrong from their hearts and want to do something about it. Learning the importance of love leads to understanding and teaches them the value of what the heart holds. Showing them how much you love them and respect them passes onto other people they come across in life. A man who thinks and feels with his heart will be less likely to be someone who goes through life with their eyes closed.
When they are growing up they need rules. They need to know there are consequences good and bad. Letting them learn from their mistakes and make their own decisions makes them men who think and use logic before making choices. If your son goes through his adolescent life with someone making all his choices for him, he won't be able to make good choices on his own. This decision and learning process makes men who will understand the importance of good judgement in their personal and professional lives.
When you are deciding how to raise your son to be man, think about the things you have seen and grown up with. If your father was a good man, think about the things that made you feel that way about him. Look at your husband, think about the things about him that made you fall in love with him. Those are things that you want to raise your son with.