Sunday, May 26, 2013

how to seduce a man by text message

Using Texting To Seduce a Guy!...It's personal. It's individual and secretive. And the best part is you are able to send and receive it from anywhere anytime.
Although I do believe texting is a good way to seduce your guy, however you must know when to apply it. I don't feel texting is as effective for a couple who's just started dating. You should be familiar with the person and have toyed with them in the flesh or over the telephone first. By doing this you'll get an hint of what turns them on and what will turn them off. It also helps to keep the dreaded rejection from a guy who might not be interested in you.
If you're a bit timid about saying naughty things in person or even on the phone with your guy, talking dirty with text messages can assist you suppress that. By determining what it is you would like to say to your guy, you'll find it much easier and more comfortable with the texting. Likewise, by receiving a favorable reply to your flirting by text, it will make you feel easier flirting with your man over the phone and in person.
Here are some things that work well when trying to seduce a guy with text message:
>>> Be elusive...You don't have to be overtly intimate to be flirtatious. Occasionally when the content is too naughty it could be a turn off. Suggesting what could take place can be a lot more alluring then actually telling. Leave something for him to think about. Let him pass the day imagining about what's ready for him once he sees you. The words and phrases should have an ingredient of seduction and be clear to him.
>>> Observe what you text...Remember even the best of texter has accidentally sent text messages to the wrong person. So you should not put anything in a text that would embarrass you or him if a acquaintance, fellow worker or family member were to receive it. A lot of conversations are best left for telephone or face to face romancing unless it's something you're both at ease with, even if you don't care what people believe, he may. And you don't wish a flirty text to be the cause of a problem in your relationship.
>>> Be original...Since it's a text you have a lot of time to consider what you're going to send and how you will respond. You are able to make your texts into a love story which will lead up to the time when your both together. Building the seduction up throughout the day. As you get more originative and more at ease with seductive flirting and with what he desires, you can distinctly express what you desire while allowing for enough room for his imagination to have him waiting eagerly to get home
Have some playfulness with it. Keep in mind that seduction and flirting or just "tools". So make it as realist as you can... You'll feel at ease and he won't feel as if you're doing something that doesn't agree with your personality... And who knows maybe he'll flirt back or start sending you his own flirty messages.

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