Sunday, May 19, 2013

how to shave men's eyebrows

If you're tired of fishing fallen hairs out of your eyes, you can shave your eyebrows to remedy the problem. Men who are bothered by bushy brows get instant relief after giving their eyebrows a clean shave. This is also a good solution for men with oddly-shaped brows, or brows that are close together. So, if eyebrow plucking has gotten you nowhere, pull out a razor and foam and go to town. Does this Spark an idea?


    • 1
      Wet your eyebrows. Before proceeding with your shave, soak your eyebrows and any surrounding skin with warm water. This softens the hair and makes it easier to shave.
    • 2
      Trim your eyebrows. If you have exceptionally bushy brows, use a pair of eyebrow clippers to shorten your brows to where they can be comfortably shaved. The water rinsing you performed should make the hair easy to trim.
    • 3
      Spread some shaving cream or gel over your eyebrows. Allow your shaving solution to set for several minutes. This makes your eyebrows nice and moist.
    • 4
      Shave your eyebrows off with a clean, sharp razor. Because of the prep work you performed, they should come off fairly easily. Exercise extreme caution when performing this step, as you don't want to get the razor too close to your eyes.
    • 5
      Rinse the areas you shaved with cool water. In addition to getting rid of any remaining shaving residue, the cool water seals off your pores and reduces the chances of any post-shave skin irritation.

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