Thursday, June 6, 2013

how to really pleasure a man in bed

Even if you give your man the best intercourse ever in bed there will still be one thing that he wanted from the session. Even if he denies it, the one thing he really wants in bed is fellatio. So to truly pleasure your man in bed you need to suck his penis.
Here are three ways to give your man the ultimate pleasure during fellatio.
1. Men love to be teased, so start off by kissing his chest and then work your way down. Then just when he thinks you are going to take his penis in your mouth, kiss your way back up again. He will be thinking "please suck it" every time your mouth gets near it. Repeat this until he is a quivering wreck and he is begging you for it.

3. The ultimate way to pleasure your man in bed is to bring him to orgasm with fellatio. This doesn't mean you have to swallow or even take it in your mouth, although if you do either of these then he will be your man forever. What I mean is suck him until he is about to ejaculate and then let him finish off on your breasts. He will LOVE this.2. When you pleasure your man in bed with fellatio spice it up by trying out different positions. A particular favourite is if you sit on the edge of the bed while he stands in front of you, for some reason guys like fellatio more if they are standing up. Another great fellatio position that guarantees your mans pleasure is if he lays on his back and you kneel at his side to suck him, this way he can fondle your breasts at the same time.
So if you are struggling to pleasure your man then give him what he really wants, fellatio. If you don't really like giving it then get over your hang ups because this one sexual act will keep him faithful for life.

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