Monday, June 3, 2013

how to talk romantically to a man

Do you know what to say to a guy that will immediately put a big smile on his face? How to talk to a guy in a way that he'll definitely like? How to communicate in a way that just melts his heart? Read on to find out the most romantic and flirty way to talk to your man ...
If your man means a lot to you, you want him to know that you care about him, want him, and love him. The best way to communicate this love message to your guy is through romantic and flirty talking. Here are three ways to melt any guy's heart:
Tip #1: Tease him, tease him, and tease him
Have you ever seen how guys pick on each other and enjoy every single second of it? Yup. A man likes to be picked on and teased at. For example, you can ask him whether you can wear his shirt, but before he gives you an answer, just put the shirt on and say with a smile: sorry, too Late!
Tip #2: Tell him you want to tell him a secret and when he gets close ...
Scream! Just kidding :) That's what you do when you want to break up with a guy. When he gets close to hear the secret, you want to whisper softly about how sexy he looks in the thing he is wearing. Be specific!
Tip #3: Let him know he means the world to you
You can occasionally tell a man this straight. But if you say this to a man three times a day, the power of this message will get weaker and weaker every time you say it. The best way to show a man that he means the world to you is to say it very few times, but show how much he means to you via the way you look at him, the way you smile at him, the way you hug him, and the way you kiss him.
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